I suspect that a lot of our problems have to do with the health of our nervous systems and mitochondria (such as chronic fatigue, Alzheimerís, Huntingtonís, Parkinsonís, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis and possibly chronic pain), and that these depend on our diet.

A lot of the info on the web is incorrectly stated.  Many sites seem to be primarily interested in milking the public.


Not so for Dr Terry Wahls' site.  She has an impressive story that starts as a heartbreaker when she developed MS and then becomes not only a realistic hope but also conveys real information as she recovered.  She has saved herself and is demonstrating the effectiveness of her findings in actual research.


Check out this link for the intro video that speaks to protecting nerve insulation and mitochondria as well as other organs and structures in the body:
This other site was also referenced:;search:tag:%22tedxiowacity%22                       

I extracted this info from the first video, which is very believable to me, especially since she is not trying to sell us something, and she uses sound theories with the correct words.

This suggests reasons to eat fewer processed foods.


She starts by describing things that reduce the problems with multiple sclerosis:  omega 3, creatine and co-enzyme Q10, and other nutrients to prevent:


     poor nerve insulation (which is improved with B1 (thiamine), B9 (folate), B12 (cobalamin), and Iodine)                


     low neurotransmitter levels (which are improved with B6 and foods with sulfur)


    and poor mitochondria function (which is helped by B vitamins, sulfur and antioxidants)                                                                         

Dr Terry Wahls recommends that there are very good reasons why hunter-gatherer diets (consisting of leaves, roots, berries, meat and fish) are better for us than processed foods.  These foods contain known nutrients and other nutrients that we have not yet identified.  She believes that foods are better nutrient sources than pills, since they contain the extra nutrients.

She also showed a graph indicating that we as a nation are below the recommended allowances
of essential nutrients.(consider watching her video on the web)


Then she laid out a daily hunter-gather diet that supplies more than the recommended allowances, which includes:

3 cups of green leaves, including kale and parsley,                    

Seaweed once a week to get iodine                                                       

3 cups of sulfur rich food - cabbage (and brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, turnips,
collards, rutabagas, radishes ), onions (and garlic, leeks, chives), mushrooms, asparagus

3 cups of foods with brightly colored foods (beets, peppers, red cabbage, carrots, peaches, oranges, berries)

3 cups of high quality protein rich in omega 3 fatty acids (wild fish, especially salmon or herring), grass fed meats, and organ meats (liver, gizzard, heart, tongue, and sweet ------??- I couldn't make out this last word)                                                                           

Dr Wahls also believes that there are unnecessary allergens in our diets - glutens, and milk casein protein, and that we should decrease our intake of suggests decreasing our intake of grain, potatoes and milk.  That might affect some persons, but not everyone.

I am not a nutritionist but was impressed by this.It is possible that you find this useful, but I cannot guarantee it.

Dr Steiner